18m³ storage space for an additional load of up to 1.8 tons. 
We based our design of the Backline Trailer on experience gleaned from daily practice in handling transportation of luggage and instruments. The robust 18m³ trailer is specifically designed to be compatible with DD45 vehicles. Heavy transport cases are easily stowed away via the long loading ramp. Spotlights around the stern ramp provides additional safety when loading and offloading at night. Freight is secured by the continuous mounted load securing rails for telescopic rods and lashing straps. Its height-adjustable drawbar allows the Backline Trailer to be used in conjunction with the most diverse vehicle types.

18m³ DD45

Overall dimensions:

Overall length: 4,7 m / 15'5'
Overall width: 2,55 m / 8'4'' 
Overall heigth: 3,25 m / 10'8'

Construction outside dimensions:

Length: 3,20 m / 10'6''
width: 2,55 m / 8'4''
height: 2,55 m / 8'4''

Construction inside dimensions:

length: 3,13 m / 10'3''
width: 2,40 m / 7'10''
height: 2,45 m / 8'

Luggage space:

approx. 18m³
max. payload 1,8 t